Reading Amateur Regatta - Events offered in 2019

This list of events, entry fees and rules of entry for 2019 are currently under review and will be published here as soon as they has been agreed by the Regatta Commitee.

Please note that the Regatta will be working under the new competition framework.

Reading Amateur Regatta - FAQ

Please read the Frequently Asked Question list below regarding the changes to the Regatta as introduced in 2018

  1. How will the events be split into bands?
    A1. The events will be split based on a crew’s Ranking Index. The number of crews in each band will be dependent on the distribution of points across the event and to conserve the competitiveness of each band.

  2. Can I request for my crew to be put into a higher band/compete at a higher level?
    A2. It is expected that with the new competition framework crews will be evenly matched within a band and thus will experience the closest racing within that band. Given the Rowing Index also includes performances at Head races and non-British Rowing events (BUCS), requests to change a crew’s band will not be accepted.

  3. Why has the Sunday course been shortened to 1000m? Where is the new starting point?
    A3. With the incorporation of the Mini Regatta into the main draw it was decided to shorten the course to a standard racing distance as well as forming part of an ongoing assessment of the format of the Sunday regatta. The finish will be in the same place as in previous years hence the start will be 100m further downstream.

  4. Will there still be a stagger on the Sunday course now that it has been shortened?
    A4. Yes. The course is being shortened along a straight stretch of the course. The stagger is to account for differences in the stream, the length of the course for each station remains equal.

  5. Why has the Mini Regatta been incorporated into the main draw and raced over the full length?
    A5. The original concept of the mini regatta was to give those crews on the Project Oarsome programme an opportunity to race given there were not many regattas offering such events. Over time the number of regattas offering these events has increased substantially, reducing the demand for the Mini Regatta. In addition, in 2016 the definition of ’Maiden’ was removed from the British Rules of Racing resulting in an inability to select the target crews. As a result of the standard of those crews entered into the Mini Regatta also improving, it was decided to incorporate these crews into the main event and race over the full distance. However, the J14 and J13 crews will still compete for the Radley Cup which is awarded to the Victor Ludorum of the Mini Regatta. It is the duty of the club to ensure the crews entered are competent to race over the full 1000m distance.

  6. There are no J12 events in the programme, why have they been removed?
    A6. The last few years the number of J12 crews entered has been too few to run the events. J12.4x+ may be entered into the J13 event with a note asking to be drawn against fellow J12 crews in the first round. An accompanying email is strongly recommended. J12 entries into J13.1x and J13.2x are not recommended. All crews must be competent to race over the full distance.