Reading Amateur Regatta - Results

The Regatta results are published live on this website! After each race, the database is updated and results can be viewed in the results tables and draw diagrams.
Click on the links below to open the results tables and then use the re-fresh function in your browser to keep up with the latest results.

2023 Saturday Results

2023 - Saturday Regatta Results Table

2023 - Saturday Regatta Results in Draw diagrams

2023 Sunday Results

2023 - Sunday Regatta Results Table

2023 - Sunday Regatta Results in Draw diagrams.

Due to dangerous weather conditions on Sunday afternoon, regrettably, the Regatta had to be stopped early to ensure the safety of everyone. This meant the Regatta could not be completed and no finals were run in the Sunday afternoon division

Reading Amateur Regatta - Results Archive

The Reading Amateur Regatta Results Archive holds results and picture galaries going back many years.
Recently the 1910 Regatta results (as published in a local paper at the time) were added!

Results Nomenclature

The list below shows the used nomenclature in the result tables.

  • Op         - Open

  • M         - Mens

  • W        - Womens

  • Sch        - Schools

  • Mas        - Masters

  • ELI      - Elite

  • IM        - Intermediate

  • Nov     - Novice

  • J           - Junior

  • +          - Coxed

  • -           - Coxless

  • X          - Scull

  • NTT      - No Time Taken

  • 1L         - One boat length

  • E          - Easily

  • CANV   - Canvas