Reading Amateur Regatta

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R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

Saturday 15th &  Sunday 16th June 2019

Rowing in Reading since 1842

Reading Amateur Regatta

Saturday 16th June 2018

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Results for Club España, Mexico

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
8513:42W Sen 2X A152(172) Drexel University, USA(173) Nottingham UniversityNTT5 lengths
8613:45W Sen 2X A152(174) Nottingham RC(175) Club España, MexicoNTT3 lengths
15217:18W Sen 2X A (173) Nottingham University(174) Nottingham RCNTT3 1/4 lengths
1209:33W Sen 1X A75(204) Reading University(205) Nottingham University (Fielding)NTTRow Over
1309:36W Sen 1X A76(207) Nottingham University (North)(208) Cardiff University RCNTT2 lengths
1409:39W Sen 1X A76(209) Club España, Mexico(210) St George's College BCNTT1 length
7512:57W Sen 1X A147(204) Reading University(206) Oxford University Womens Boat ClubNTTRow Over
7613:15W Sen 1X A147(207) Nottingham University (North)(209) Club España, MexicoNTT4 lengths
14717:03W Sen 1X A (206) Oxford University Womens Boat Club(207) Nottingham University (North)NTT3 1/4 lengths
1009:27W Sen 1X B73(211) Reading University (Bawn)(212) Worcester University RCNTT2 1/2 lengths
1109:30W Sen 1X B74(215) City of Oxford RC(216) Reading University (Norton)NTT1 length
7312:51W Sen 1X B146(211) Reading University (Bawn)(213) Reading RCNTT5 lengths
7412:54W Sen 1X B146(214) Cardiff University RC(215) City of Oxford RCNTT1 1/2 lengths
14617:00W Sen 1X B (213) Reading RC(215) City of Oxford RC6:104 1/2 lengths