Reading Amateur Regatta

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R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

Saturday 13th &  Sunday 14th June 2020

Rowing in Reading since 1842

Reading Amateur Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 17th June 2018

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Results for Bournemouth University

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
24110:48Sen 8+ B307(259) Bournemouth University (Prince)(260) Reading RC (Alberry)3:04easily
24210:51Sen 8+ B308(263) Warwick University (Taylor)(264) Bournemouth University (Bond)3:064 lengths
30714:21Sen 8+ B358(259) Bournemouth University (Prince)(261) Windsor Boys School (Frobisher)3:012/3 length
30815:01Sen 8+ B358(262) Oxford University Lightweights (Gasson)(263) Warwick University (Taylor)3:011 1/3 lengths
35817:09Sen 8+ B (261) Windsor Boys School (Frobisher)(262) Oxford University Lightweights (Gasson)2:573 1/2 lengths
23610:18W Sen 8+ B303(271) Bath University (Slater)(272) Bournemouth University (Macdermott)3:273 1/4 lengths
23710:21W Sen 8+ B304(274) Warwick University (Parr)(463) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
23810:24W Sen 8+ B304(276) Bath University (Baines)(277) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA (Healy)3:22easily
30314:09W Sen 8+ B356(271) Bath University (Slater)(273) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA (Woodrow)3:161/3 length
30414:12W Sen 8+ B356(274) Warwick University (Parr)(277) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA (Healy)3:211 1/2 lengths
35617:03W Sen 8+ B (273) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA (Woodrow)(277) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA (Healy)NTT3/4 length
22809:54W Sen 4+ B278(308) Bournemouth University (Pihkanen)(309) City of Oxford RC (Birch)3:551 1/2 lengths
22909:57W Sen 4+ B292(312) Manchester University (Hunt)(313) Imperial College (Koninx)3:51a canvas
27812:39W Sen 4+ B339(308) Bournemouth University (Pihkanen)(310) University College London (Huhn)3:59easily
29213:36W Sen 4+ B339(311) Southampton University (Oxley)(313) Imperial College (Koninx)3:561/2 length
33915:57W Sen 4+ B (308) Bournemouth University (Pihkanen)(313) Imperial College (Koninx)NTTa canvas
20308:39W Sen 2X B220(389) Wallingford RC (Wallingford RC (Bard))(390) Cantabrigian RC (Fishwick/Stewart)3:501 1/4 lengths
21709:21W Sen 2X B284(382) Bournemouth University (Dyer/Everson)(383) Gloucester Hartpury (Spencer/Carpenter)3:502 lengths
21809:24W Sen 2X B284(384) Reading RC (Reading RC (Wilkinson))(385) Wallingford RC (Wallingford RC (Wells))4:26Row Over
21909:27W Sen 2X B285(386) City of Oxford RC (Hofmann/Sharma)(387) Reading RC (Reading RC (Trend))4:00Row Over
22009:30W Sen 2X B285(388) Reading RC (Reading RC (Street))(389) Wallingford RC (Wallingford RC (Bard))3:531 3/4 lengths
28412:57W Sen 2X B347(382) Bournemouth University (Dyer/Everson)(385) Wallingford RC (Wallingford RC (Wells))NTT1 length
28513:15W Sen 2X B347(387) Reading RC (Reading RC (Trend))(389) Wallingford RC (Wallingford RC (Bard))NTT2 1/2 lengths
34716:36W Sen 2X B (382) Bournemouth University (Dyer/Everson)(387) Reading RC (Reading RC (Trend))3:532 1/2 lengths
20008:30Sen 1X B213(407) Llandaff RC (Virden)(408) Reading RC (Marsland)3:433 lengths
20108:33Sen 1X B215(413) Reading University (Pitt)(414) Royal Navy RC (Piggott)3:451 3/4 lengths
20208:36Sen 1X B216(416) Reading University (De Boehmler)(417) Reading RC (Shore)3:553 lengths
21309:09Sen 1X B280(407) Llandaff RC (Virden)(409) Auriol Kensington (Burmester)3:593 1/2 lengths
21409:12Sen 1X B280(410) Sabrina RC (Powell)(411) Cardiff University RC (Neame)3:501 length
21509:15Sen 1X B281(412) Manchester University (Robinson Ranger)(414) Royal Navy RC (Piggott)3:502 1/4 lengths
21609:18Sen 1X B281(415) Reading RC (Batchelor)(417) Reading RC (Shore)3:423 1/2 lengths
28012:45Sen 1X B345(407) Llandaff RC (Virden)(410) Sabrina RC (Powell)3:43easily
28112:48Sen 1X B345(414) Royal Navy RC (Piggott)(415) Reading RC (Batchelor)3:442 1/2 lengths
34516:30Sen 1X B (407) Llandaff RC (Virden)(414) Royal Navy RC (Piggott)3:354 1/2 lengths