Reading Amateur Regatta

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R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

2020 Regatta Cancelled!

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Reading Amateur Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 17th June 2018

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Results for University of Birmingham

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
24310:54Sen 8+ A309(251) Manchester University (Gregory)(252) Maidstone Invicta RC (Finch)2:581 1/2 lengths
24410:57Sen 8+ A309(253) Warwick University (McCaffery)(254) University of the West of England (Heath)2:521 length
24511:00Sen 8+ A310(255) Monkton Combe School BC (Shaw)(256) Pangbourne College BC (Symons)2:573 feet
24611:03Sen 8+ A310(257) University of Birmingham (Chiappe)(258) Auriol Kensington (Whitehead)2:591/2 length
30914:27Sen 8+ A359(252) Maidstone Invicta RC (Finch)(254) University of the West of England (Heath)2:521/2 length
31014:30Sen 8+ A359(256) Pangbourne College BC (Symons)(258) Auriol Kensington (Whitehead)2:591 1/2 lengths
35917:12Sen 8+ A (254) University of the West of England (Heath)(256) Pangbourne College BC (Symons)NTT3 lengths
23410:12W Sen 8+ C301(278) Christ Church College BC (Shepherd)(279) Surbiton High School (Crowther)3:36a canvas
23510:15W Sen 8+ C302(282) University College Dublin Ladies BC, Ireland (Talbot)(283) Manchester University (Roberts)4:12Row Over
30114:03W Sen 8+ C355(278) Christ Church College BC (Shepherd)(280) Reading RC (Evans)3:351 1/4 lengths
30214:06W Sen 8+ C355(281) Surbiton High School (Blackwell)(282) University College Dublin Ladies BC, Ireland (Talbot)NTTRow Over
35517:00W Sen 8+ C (278) Christ Church College BC (Shepherd)(282) University College Dublin Ladies BC, Ireland (Talbot)3:253 1/2 lengths
29713:51Sen 4+ B353(288) University of Leicester (Asher)(289) Warwick University (Gardener)3:201 1/4 lengths
29813:54Sen 4+ B353(290) Reading RC (Lee)(291) Christ Church College BC (Kilfeather)3:231 length
35316:54Sen 4+ B (289) Warwick University (Gardener)(290) Reading RC (Lee)3:162 1/2 lengths
23210:06Sen 4+ C295(292) Manchester University (Curtis)(293) Trafford RC (Barton)3:271 1/2 lengths
23310:09Sen 4+ C296(296) Bath University (Jones)(297) University of Leicester (Porter)3:311 1/2 lengths
29513:45Sen 4+ C349(293) Trafford RC (Barton)(294) University of Birmingham (Bainbridge)NTTRow Over
29613:48Sen 4+ C349(295) City of Oxford RC (Hubbard)(296) Bath University (Jones)3:321/2 length
34916:42Sen 4+ C (293) Trafford RC (Barton)(296) Bath University (Jones)3:234 lengths
28212:51Sen 1X A346(403) Reading RC (Brown)(404) University of Birmingham (White)3:392 1/2 lengths
28312:54Sen 1X A346(405) Reading RC (Musson)(406) Reading University (Reiser)3:341 length
34616:33Sen 1X A (404) University of Birmingham (White)(406) Reading University (Reiser)3:301 1/4 lengths