Reading Amateur Regatta

All information on Reading's best Rowing Event.

R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

Saturday 10th &  Sunday 11th June 2023

Rowing in Reading since 1842

Reading Amateur Regatta (Sunday)

Sunday 16th June 2019

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
208:43W 4+ B34(22) Avon County RC(23) Reading RC (Papavergos)NTTRow Over
308:46W 4+ B35(26) University College Dublin Ladies BC (Griffin)(27) Broxbourne RC4:13easily
408:49W 4+ A37(20) St Paul's School (USA)(21) Pangbourne College BC4:061 1/4 lengths
608:55J15 2X B45(75) Wycliffe College BC (Armstrong/Moss)(76) Reading RC4:113 lengths
708:58J15 2X B46(79) Wycliffe College BC (Garrard/Brixey)(80) City of Oxford RC (Saveljevs/Johnson)4:20Row Over
809:01J15 2X A47(67) City of Oxford RC (Daza/Reynolds)(68) Windsor Boys School (Jansen-Spence/Lewin)4:001 1/4 lengths
909:04J15 2X A47(69) Windsor Boys School (Griffin Sadler/James)(70) Shanklin Sandown RC3:492 feet
1009:07J15 2X A48(71) Windsor Boys School (McCulley/Macklin)(72) Wallingford RC (Guilford/Whitty)4:014 1/2 lengths
1109:10J15 2X A48(73) Windsor Boys School (Chute/Warren)(74) Star & Arrow Club3:53a canvas
1209:13Sen 4+ A52(6) Shiplake College(9) Twickenham RC3:341/3 length
1309:16W J13 2X54(129) Reading RC(130) Henley RC (Presswell)4:40easily
1409:19W J13 2X54(131) Henley RC (Merritt)(132) City of Oxford RC4:33easily
109:20W MasFG 2X28(108) Avon County RC (=G)(109) Christchurch RC (=F)5:081 length
1509:22W J14 2X55(125) Reading RC(126) Wallingford RC (Sumner)4:35easily
1609:25W J14 2X55(127) City of Oxford RC(128) Wallingford RC (Whetter)4:453 1/2 lengths
1709:28W Sch 2X58(110) Monkton Combe School BC(111) Reading RC4:134 lengths
1809:31W Sch 2X58(112) Kent School Boat Club, USA(113) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club4:17easily
1909:34W MasFG 2X59(105) Twickenham RC (Almond =G)(106) Henley RC (=F)5:003/4 length
2009:37W MasE 2X60(101) Wallingford RC(102) Upper Thames RC4:212 lengths
2109:40W MasE 2X60(103) Falcon RC(104) York City RC4:33easily
2209:43W MasC 2X62(97) Upper Thames RC(98) Exeter RC4:151 3/4 lengths
2309:46W 2X B66(90) City of Oxford RC(91) Twickenham RC4:023 1/2 lengths
2409:49J16 2X70(65) Reading RC(66) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Taylor)4:10easily
2509:52MasFG 2X72(58) Reading RC (=F)(59) Bentham BC (=F)4:301 1/2 lengths
2609:55MasFG 2X72(60) Dart Totnes Amateur RC (=G)(61) Molesey BC (=F)4:291 length
2709:58MasBC 2X73(56) City of Oxford RC (=C)(57) Exeter RC (=B)4:26easily
2910:04Sen 2X74(51) Ardingly Rowing Club(52) Southampton Coalporters/Avon4:003 1/2 lengths
3010:07Sen 2X74(53) Cardiff/Llandaff(54) Reading RC3:492 lengths
3110:10W 2-75(47) Wellington Rowing Club, New Zealand(50) Cardiff University RC4:134 1/2 lengths
3210:13W 2-75(49) Christ Church College BC(48) Ardingly Rowing Club4:52Row Over
3310:16W MasDE 4+81(29) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (=E)(30) Weybridge RC (=E)4:271 3/4 lengths
3410:19W 4+ B82(23) Reading RC (Papavergos)(24) Oxford Academicals RCNTTRow Over
3510:22W 4+ B82(25) Reading RC (Austin)(26) University College Dublin Ladies BC (Griffin)4:101 1/2 lengths
3610:25W 4+ A83(17) HSBC RC(18) University of Surrey4:42Row Over
3710:28W 4+ A83(19) University College Dublin Ladies BC (Melina)(20) St Paul's School (USA)4:011/3 length
2810:32W MasFG 2X59(107) Twickenham RC (Hurley =F)(109) Christchurch RC (=F)NTT5 lengths
3810:34J15 4+84(15) Shiplake College(16) Pangbourne College BCNTTRow Over
3910:37WJ15 2X B69(120) Pangbourne College BC(122) City of Oxford RC (Elliston/Grainger)4:303 lengths
4010:40WJ15 2X B69(121) Reading RC(124) City of Oxford RC (Taylor/Conway)4:36easily
4110:43WJ15 2X A68(116) Henley RC(117) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Fletcher/Porteous)4:19a canvas
4210:46WJ15 2X A68(118) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Edwards/Porteous)(119) City of Oxford RC (Grunewald/Tinegate)4:224 lengths
4310:49J14 2X B87(85) Henley RC (Drennan/Edwards)(86) Wallingford RC4:322 lengths
4410:52J14 2X A88(82) City of Oxford RC(83) Reading RC (Pridmore/Hutchins)4:055 lengths
4510:55J15 2X B89(76) Reading RC(77) Wycliffe College BC (Robertson/Taylor)4:114 1/2 lengths
4610:58J15 2X B89(78) Wallingford RC (Shaw/White)(80) City of Oxford RC (Saveljevs/Johnson)4:05easily
4711:01J15 2X A90(67) City of Oxford RC (Daza/Reynolds)(70) Shanklin Sandown RCNTT2 1/2 lengths
4811:04J15 2X A90(71) Windsor Boys School (McCulley/Macklin)(74) Star & Arrow ClubNTT3 lengths
4911:07Sen 4+ B77(8) Bournemouth University (Watkins)(7) University of Kent3:502 1/4 lengths
5011:10Sen 4+ B77(10) Bournemouth University (Lynch)(11) Reading RC4:081 3/4 lengths
5111:13Sen 4+ A92(3) UK Armed Forces RC(4) Upper Thames RC3:422/3 length
5211:16Sen 4+ A92(5) Christ Church College BC(6) Shiplake College3:413/4 length
5311:19Mas.D.4- (35) Reading RC(36) Christchurch RCNTT2/3 length
5411:22W J13 2X (129) Reading RC(131) Henley RC (Merritt)4:302 3/4 lengths
5511:25W J14 2X (125) Reading RC(128) Wallingford RC (Whetter)4:323 lengths
5611:28W J16 4+ (31) Kent School Boat Club, USA(32) Henley RC3:594 lengths
5711:31W J16 2X (114) Reading RC(115) Shanklin Sandown RC4:275 lengths
5811:34W Sch 2X (111) Reading RC(113) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club4:07easily
5911:37W MasFG 2X (106) Henley RC (=F)(107) Twickenham RC (Hurley =F)4:401 1/2 lengths
6011:40W MasE 2X (102) Upper Thames RC(103) Falcon RC4:252 1/2 lengths
6211:46W MasC 2X (96) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(97) Upper Thames RC4:183 1/2 lengths
6311:49W MasAB 2X (94) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (=B)(95) Gloucester RC (=A)NTT2 3/4 lengths
6411:52Mas.E.4- (37) Thames Tradesmens' RC(38) Upper Thames RC3:431 1/4 lengths
6511:55W 2X C (92) University of Leicester(93) BTC Southampton4:202 1/4 lengths
6611:58W 2X B (89) Henley RC(91) Twickenham RC 
6712:04W 2X A (87) Reading University (Lyster/May)(88) Reading University (Knight/Ryan)3:552 1/4 lengths
6812:07WJ15 2X A (117) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Fletcher/Porteous)(118) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Edwards/Porteous)4:213 1/4 lengths
6912:10WJ15 2X B (122) City of Oxford RC (Elliston/Grainger)(124) City of Oxford RC (Taylor/Conway)4:252 3/4 lengths
7012:13J16 2X (64) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Van Der Linden)(65) Reading RC4:072 1/2 lengths
7112:16MasHI 2X (62) Greenbank Falmouth RC (=I)(63) Wallingford/Quintin (=H)4:282 1/2 lengths
7212:19MasFG 2X (59) Bentham BC (=F)(60) Dart Totnes Amateur RC (=G)4:322 lengths
7312:22MasBC 2X (55) Griffen/Wallingford (=C)(57) Exeter RC (=B)3:44easily
7412:25Sen 2X (51) Ardingly Rowing Club(54) Reading RC3:465 lengths
7512:28W 2- (50) Cardiff University RC(48) Ardingly Rowing Club4:143 lengths
7612:31MasFG 2- (45) Bentham BC (=G)(46) Cotswold/Quintin (=F)4:37easily
9212:34Sen 4+ A (4) Upper Thames RC(5) Christ Church College BC4:073 1/2 lengths
7812:37W MasDE 4- (43) Putney Town RC (=D)(44) Ardingly/Kingston (=E)4:224 1/2 lengths
7912:40W MasC 4- (41) Putney Town RC(42) Weybridge RC4:231/2 length
8012:43W MasAB 4- (39) HSBC RC (=B)(40) Putney Town RC (=A)4:11easily
8112:46W MasDE 4+ (28) Marlow RC (=D)(29) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (=E)4:155 lengths
8212:49W 4+ B (24) Oxford Academicals RC(25) Reading RC (Austin)4:142 1/2 lengths
8312:52W 4+ A (17) HSBC RC(19) University College Dublin Ladies BC (Melina)4:115 lengths
8412:55J15 4+ (14) The Oratory School(15) Shiplake College3:42easily
8613:01J14 8X (1) Shiplake College(2) Wallingford RC3:451 length
8713:04J14 2X B (84) Reading RC (Zaldua/Ramsden)(85) Henley RC (Drennan/Edwards)4:264 lengths
8813:07J14 2X A (81) Henley RC (O'Shea-James/Provoost)(83) Reading RC (Pridmore/Hutchins)3:56easily
8913:10J15 2X B (76) Reading RC(78) Wallingford RC (Shaw/White)4:011/2 length
9013:13J15 2X A (70) Shanklin Sandown RC(74) Star & Arrow Club3:481 1/4 lengths
9113:16Sen 4- (33) Reading RC (Shore)(34) Reading RC (Brown)3:40Row Over
7713:19Sen 4+ B (7) University of Kent(10) Bournemouth University (Lynch)3:48easily
6113:21W MasD 2X (99) Twickenham RC(100) Henley RC4:23easily
10013:30W MasF 8+ (231) Upper Thames RC(232) Walbrook/Henley4:264 1/2 lengths
13013:33MasE 2-180(279) Tyrian Club(280) Weybridge RCNTT2 3/4 lengths
10213:36W Sch 1X128(340) Avon County RC (P Fraser)(341) Reading RC (E Paterson)4:444 lengths
10313:38W Sch 1X129(344) Shanklin Sandown RC (E Faithfull)(345) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (C Brown) 
10413:41MasEF 4X167(241) Upper Thames RC (=F)(242) Wallingford RC (=E)3:556 lengths
10513:44W 1X C132(338) Christchurch RC (F Standley)(339) Reading University (A Bowles)5:054 lengths
10613:47W 1X B137(328) Wallingford RC (K Garrow)(329) Henley RC (L O'Donohue)4:201 1/2 lengths
10713:50W 1X B138(333) Reading RC (K Reeman)(334) Reading University (Bawn)4:352 lengths
22013:53Sen 1X A155(289) Exeter RC (H Shepherd)(301) Upper Thames RC (S Moneley)4:011 foot
10913:56Sch 1X136(309) Ardingly Rowing Club (S Chard)(310) Llandaff RC (G Cowley)4:12Not Rowed Out
11013:58W J15 4X+141(268) Reading RC(269) City of Oxford RC4:11easily
11114:04W J15 4X+142(272) Henley RC (Sterjo)(273) Wallingford RC4:20easily
11214:07SEN 1X B Gp2152(302) Reading University (B Miller)(304) Bournemouth University (M Latchman)4:35easily
11414:13Sen 1X B Gp1153(294) University of Wales Swansea RC (A Thompson)(295) Cardiff University RC (G Williams)4:264 lengths
11514:16Sen 1X B Gp1154(298) Upper Thames RC (L Price)(299) Cardiff Metropolitan University Rowing Club (G Armstrong)4:291/2 length
11614:19Sen 1X A155(287) Reading RC (W Shrieve)(288) Southampton Coalporters ARC (O Starkey)4:121 1/2 lengths
11714:22Sen 1X A156(290) Twickenham RC (Quitmann)(291) Henley RC (Harsant)4:02easily
11814:24Sen 1X A156(292) Wallingford RC (P King)(293) Walbrook RC (D Gallagher)4:48Row Over
12114:33Mas.CD.8+169(208) Christchurch/Lymington (=D)(209) Upper Thames RC (=C)3:273 lengths
12214:36W J14 1X170(353) City of Oxford RC (H Blanchard)(354) Shanklin Sandown RC (K Batchelor)4:513 lengths
12314:39W J15 1X171(348) City of Oxford RC (E Conway)(349) Minerva Bath RC (N Haddon)4:512 lengths
12414:42W J15 1X171(350) City of Oxford RC (A Grunewald)(351) Henley RC (M Vickerman)4:28easily
12514:45W MasEF 4X168(257) Henley RC (=E)(258) Minerva Bath RC (=E)4:151/3 length
12614:48W 1X A176(324) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (N Sacre)(325) Reading University (Ryan)4:244 lengths
12714:51W 1X A176(326) Reading University (Lewis)(327) Reading University (Norton)NTTRow Over
12814:53W Sch 1X173(341) Reading RC (E Paterson)(342) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (S Weaver)4:315 lengths
12914:56W Sch 1X173(343) Twickenham RC (V Obukohwo)Winner of Race 1034:34easily
18014:59MasE 2- (281) Upper Thames RC(279) Tyrian Club3:581 1/4 lengths
13115:02W 1X C174(335) Cardiff University RC (S Miers)(336) Christchurch RC (E Kelly)NTTDisqualification
13215:05W 1X C174(337) Reading University (R Patten)(339) Reading University (A Bowles)4:32easily
13315:08J13 2X179(283) Reading RC (Snoxall)(284) Henley RC (Szweda)4:195 lengths
13415:11J13 2X179(285) Reading RC (Jenkins)(286) Henley RC (Reineke)4:325 lengths
13515:13Sch 1X178(306) Star & Arrow Club (A Pikelis)(307) Christchurch RC (S Hewitt)4:002 1/2 lengths
13615:16Sch 1X178(308) Star & Arrow Club (H Briggs)(310) Llandaff RC (G Cowley)4:062 lengths
13715:19W 1X B175(329) Henley RC (L O'Donohue)(330) Falcon RC (Sharma)4:28easily
13815:22W 1X B175(331) Henley RC (J Sawbridge)(334) Reading University (Bawn)4:371/2 length
14015:28W J14 4X+182(275) Henley RC (Marston)(276) Wallingford RC4:135 lengths
14115:31W J15 4X+183(268) Reading RC(270) Henley RC (Jones)4:032 feet
14215:34W J15 4X+183(271) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club(272) Henley RC (Sterjo)4:114 lengths
14315:37J15 4X+184(259) Wallingford RC(260) Windsor Boys School (Macklin)3:442 1/2 lengths
14415:40J15 4X+184(261) City of Oxford RC(262) Windsor Boys School (James)3:39Easily
14515:43W MasBC 4X186(250) Oxford Academicals RC (=B)(251) Weybridge RC (=C)4:152 lengths
16715:45MasEF 4X (240) Broxbourne RC (=E)(241) Upper Thames RC (=F)3:462 lengths
14615:46W MasBC 4X186(252) Exeter/Star (=C)(253) Wallingford RC (=C)4:09Row Over
14715:49W MasCD 8+188(229) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (=D)(230) Ardingly/Avon/Kingston (=D)3:533/4 length
14815:52J15 1X A190(318) Star & Arrow Club (H Neal)(319) Shanklin Sandown RC (E Walters)4:171 1/2 lengths
14915:55J16 1X B191(313) City of Oxford RC (S Taylor)(314) Wallingford RC (F Powell)4:082 lengths
15015:57J16 1X B191(315) Reading RC (E Deas)(316) Christchurch RC (W Tate)4:113 1/2 lengths
15116:03SEN 1X B Gp2194(300) Reading RC (B Travers)(303) Reading University (P Peaster)4:34Row Over
15216:06SEN 1X B Gp2194(305) Cardiff University RC (S Moloney)(304) Bournemouth University (M Latchman)4:222 feet
15316:09Sen 1X B Gp1195(294) University of Wales Swansea RC (A Thompson)(296) Ardingly Rowing Club (H Debaerdemaecker)4:194 lengths
15416:12Sen 1X B Gp1195(297) Henley RC (D Mikoska)(298) Upper Thames RC (L Price)4:473 1/2 lengths
15516:15Sen 1X A196(287) Reading RC (W Shrieve)(289) Exeter RC (H Shepherd)4:071 3/4 lengths
15616:17Sen 1X A196(290) Twickenham RC (Quitmann)(293) Walbrook RC (D Gallagher)4:065 lengths
15716:20J14 4X+ A198(263) Shiplake College (Dyason)(267) Henley RC4:074 lengths
15816:23W 4X B199(248) Reading University (Hall)(249) Broxbourne RC4:11Easily
15916:26Sen 4X A202(234) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club(235) Reading University (Powell)3:272 1/2 lengths
16016:29Sch 8+ A210(214) Pangbourne College BC(218) Monkton Combe School BC (Vening)3:17Easily
16116:32W 8+ B205(223) University College Dublin Ladies BC(224) Kent School Boat Club, USA3:39a canvas
16216:35W 8+ B205(226) Wellington Rowing Club, New Zealand(227) United Hospitals3:433/4 length
22316:36W 8+ A206(219) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(225) St Paul's School (USA)3:441 1/2 lengths
16316:38W 8+ A206(220) City of Oxford RC(221) Southampton University3:442 1/2 lengths
16416:41Sen 8+ B207(205) Bournemouth University(206) Southampton University (Bramly)NTT1 1/2 lengths
16516:44Sen 8+ A (202) UK Armed Forces RC(203) Southampton University (Trigle)3:111/3 length
16616:47MasC 4X (238) Marlow RC(239) Putney Town RC3:332/3 length
21316:50J14 4X+ A198(264) Wallingford RC(265) Shiplake College (Middleton)3:495 lengths
16816:53W MasEF 4X (256) Walbrook RC (=F)(257) Henley RC (=E) 
16916:56Mas.CD.8+ (207) Reading RC (=D)(208) Christchurch/Lymington (=D)3:321 1/4 lengths
17016:59W J14 1X (352) Reading RC (E Hobart)(354) Shanklin Sandown RC (K Batchelor)4:522 1/4 lengths
17117:02W J15 1X (348) City of Oxford RC (E Conway)(351) Henley RC (M Vickerman)NTTRow Over
17217:05W J16 1X (346) Reading RC (A Potter)(347) Shanklin Sandown RC (L Tapsell)4:512 lengths
17317:08W Sch 1X (342) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (S Weaver)(343) Twickenham RC (V Obukohwo)4:104 lengths
17417:11W 1X C (336) Christchurch RC (E Kelly)(337) Reading University (R Patten)4:403 lengths
17517:13W 1X B (329) Henley RC (L O'Donohue)(334) Reading University (Bawn)4:28Easily
17617:16W 1X A (325) Reading University (Ryan)(327) Reading University (Norton)4:214 1/2 lengths
17717:19J14 1X (322) Wallingford RC (A Glendinning)(323) Reading RC (G Hutchins)4:11Easily
17817:22Sch 1X (307) Christchurch RC (S Hewitt)(308) Star & Arrow Club (H Briggs)3:574 1/2 lengths
17917:25J13 2X (283) Reading RC (Snoxall)(285) Reading RC (Jenkins)NTTEasily
10117:28MasG 8+ (212) Broxbourne RC(213) Weybridge RC3:412 1/2 lengths
18117:31W J13 4X+ (277) Henley RC (Lenthall)(278) Henley RC (Presswell)4:253/4 length
18217:34W J14 4X+ (274) Henley RC (Taylor)(275) Henley RC (Marston)4:153 1/2 lengths
18317:37W J15 4X+ (270) Henley RC (Jones)(271) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club4:011 length
18417:40J15 4X+ (259) Wallingford RC(262) Windsor Boys School (James)3:391 1/2 lengths
18517:43W MasD 4X (254) Upper Thames/Tideway(255) Broxbourne RC3:573 1/2 lengths
18617:46W MasBC 4X (251) Weybridge RC (=C)(252) Exeter/Star (=C)4:054 lengths
18717:49MasGH 4X (243) Bentham BC (=G)(244) Greenbank Falmouth/ Dart Totnes (=H)3:523 feet
18817:52W MasCD 8+ (228) Putney Town RC (=C)(229) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (=D)4:053 1/2 lengths
18917:55J15 1X B (320) Shanklin Sandown RC (O Denness)(321) Star & Arrow Club (S Vujosevic)4:16Easily
19017:57J15 1X A (317) Shanklin Sandown RC (R Horrix)(318) Star & Arrow Club (H Neal)4:134 1/2 lengths
19118:00J16 1X B (313) City of Oxford RC (S Taylor)(316) Christchurch RC (W Tate)4:055 lengths
19218:03J16 1X A (311) Reading RC (G Lauchlan)(312) Star & Arrow Club (T Grainge)4:001/2 length
19318:06MasF 8+ (210) Quintin BC(211) Reading RC3:35Easily
19418:09SEN 1X B Gp2 (303) Reading University (P Peaster)(304) Bournemouth University (M Latchman)4:203 3/4 lengths
19518:12Sen 1X B Gp1 (294) University of Wales Swansea RC (A Thompson)(298) Upper Thames RC (L Price)4:282 1/4 lengths
19618:15Sen 1X A (287) Reading RC (W Shrieve)(290) Twickenham RC (Quitmann)3:554 lengths
19818:20J14 4X+ A (263) Shiplake College (Dyason)(265) Shiplake College (Middleton)3:515 lengths
19918:23W 4X B (247) Reading RC (Alberici)(248) Reading University (Hall)4:123 lengths
20018:26W 4X A (245) Reading RC (Street)(246) Reading University (Knight)3:484 1/2 lengths
20118:29Sen 4X B (236) Broxbourne RC(237) Reading University (Russo)NTTDefault
20218:32Sen 4X A (233) Reading University (Pitt)(235) Reading University (Powell)3:201/3 length
21018:35Sch 8+ A (215) Monkton Combe School BC (Jones)(214) Pangbourne College BC3:114 1/4 lengths
20518:38W 8+ B (223) University College Dublin Ladies BC(226) Wellington Rowing Club, New Zealand3:422 lengths
20618:41W 8+ A (225) St Paul's School (USA)(220) City of Oxford RC3:353 1/2 lengths
20718:44Sen 8+ B (204) Kings College London(205) Bournemouth University3:353 1/2 lengths