Reading Amateur Regatta

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R E A D I N G   A M A T E U R    R E G A T T A

Saturday 10th &  Sunday 11th June 2023

Rowing in Reading since 1842

Reading Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th June 2016

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
109:00IM3.8+16(22) Cardiff University RC (Fitzpatrick)(23) Reading RC4:513 lengths
209:03IM3.8+23(38) University College London (Frith)(39) Cardiff University RC (Waite)4:553/4 length
309:06NOV.4+55(93) Reading RC(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:40easily
409:09W.IM2.4+61(102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(103) Auriol Kensington (Raffaele)5:462 1/2 lengths
509:12W.IM2.4+62(105) Reading RC(106) De Montfort University RC5:525 lengths
609:15W.IM2.4+63(109) University College London(110) Imperial College5:522 1/2 lengths
709:18W.IM2.4+60(111) Twickenham RC(112) Maidstone Invicta RC5:425 lengths
809:21W.IM2.4+60(113) Henley RC(114) Auriol Kensington (Scott Moncrieff)5:472 1/2 lengths
909:24W.IM3.8+66(56) Cardiff University RC (Walker)(57) University of Chester5:151 length
1009:27W.IM3.8+66(58) University of Bristol (Jarrold)(59) City of Bristol RC (Young)5:29easily
1109:30W.IM3.8+69(60) (61) Vesta RC (Capsa)5:241 1/2 lengths
1209:33W.IM3.8+67(63) Reading RC(64) Putney Town RCNTTDisqualification
1309:36W.IM3.8+67(65) Manchester University(66) Nottingham University5:171 1/3 lengths
1409:39W.IM3.8+68(67) City of Bristol RC (Birley)(68) Vesta RC (Pywell)5:192 lengths
1509:42W.IM3.8+68(69) University of Bristol (Beer)(70) Cardiff University RC (Leverton)5:043/4 length
1609:45IM3.8+72(22) Cardiff University RC (Fitzpatrick)(24) University College London (2)4:403 feet
1709:48IM3.8+72(25) Eton College BC(26) Radley College Boat Club4:401/3 length
1809:51IM3.8+73(27) The Oratory School(28) Bryanston School BC4:451/3 length
1909:54IM3.8+73(29) Millfield(30) Pangbourne College BC4:315 lengths
2009:57IM3.8+74(31) Worcester University RC(32) Nottingham & Union RC4:372/3 length
2110:00IM3.8+74(33) Groton School RC(34) Wolfson College, Oxford4:251 length
2210:03IM3.8+75(35) Southampton University(36) Reading Blue Coat School4:402 1/2 lengths
2310:06IM3.8+75(37) University of Bristol(39) Cardiff University RC (Waite)4:473 1/2 lengths
2410:09IM2.8+76(7) Eton College BC(8) Twickenham RC4:342 lengths
2510:12IM2.8+76(9) Curlew RC(10) St Edward's School4:313 1/2 lengths
2610:15IM2.8+79(11) Vesta RC(12) City of Oxford RC4:332 lengths
2710:18IM2.8+77(14) University of the West of England(15) De Montfort University RC4:351 1/3 lengths
2810:21IM2.8+77(16) University of London(17) Reading RCNTTRow Over
2910:24IM2.8+78(18) Dart Totnes Amateur RC(19) Reading Blue Coat School4:392 lengths
3010:27IM2.8+78(20) Manchester University(21) University College London4:301/3 length
3110:30W.ELI.2X83(163) University of London(164) Reading RC5:402 1/2 lengths
3210:48J15.4X+84(150) Dulwich College (Holmes)(151) Dulwich College (Chawner)NTTRow Over
3310:51J15.4X+85(154) Winchester College BC(155) Dulwich College (Hughes)5:115 lengths
3410:54W.SEN.1X87(176) Molesey BC(177) University of BristolNTTRow Over
3510:57W.SEN.1X86(179) Vesta RC(180) Winnipeg RC, Can5:575 lengths
3611:00W.SEN.1X86(181) London RC(182) Oxford Brookes UniversityNTTRow Over
3711:03SEN.1X89(170) Birmingham RC(171) Fulham Reach RCNTTRow Over
3811:06W.Sch.4X90(142) Henley RC (Kay)(143) Reading RC5:302 1/2 lengths
3911:09W.Sch.4X90(144) Pangbourne College BC(145) Henley RC (Barter)5:221 3/4 lengths
4011:12W.Sch.4X91(146) Wycliffe College BC(147) Putney High School RC5:514 lengths
4111:15W.Sch.4X91(148) Molesey BC(149) Henley RC (Lister)NTT1 1/4 lengths
4211:18W.SEN.4+96(95) Molesey BC(96) University of London (Statham)NTTRow Over
4311:21W.SEN.4+95(98) Merrimack Coll, Usa(99) Putney Town RC5:311 length
4411:24W.SEN.4+95(100) Worcester RC(101) University of London (French)5:201 1/3 lengths
4511:27W.NOV.8+97(71) Twickenham RC(72) Manchester University5:41easily
4611:30W.NOV.8+97(73) University of Birmingham(74) Royal Holloway (UL)5:25easily
4711:33W.NOV.8+98(75) Southampton University(76) Cheltenham CollegeNTTRow Over
4811:36W.NOV.8+98(77) Thames RC(78) University of Leicester5:235 lengths
4911:39Sch.4X100(135) Eton College BC (4x)(136) Molesey BC4:523 lengths
5011:42Sch.4X99(138) Westminster School BC(139) Wallingford RC4:512 1/2 lengths
5111:45Sch.4X99(140) Reading Blue Coat School(141) Eton College BC (1)5:011 1/2 lengths
5211:48NOV.4+101(86) Royal Holloway (UL) (Spinks-Essam)(87) Nottingham University5:281/2 length
5311:51NOV.4+101(88) Cheltenham College(89) University of BristolNTTRow Over
5411:54NOV.4+102(90) Auriol Kensington(91) Millfield5:30easily
5511:57NOV.4+102(92) St George's College BC(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:161 1/2 lengths
5612:00IM1.4-103(125) Putney Town RC(126) Upper Thames RC5:022 feet
5712:03IM1.4-104(129) Vesta RC(130) Maidenhead RC4:561 1/2 lengths
5812:06W.NOV.4+105(115) Manchester University(116) De Montfort University RC5:525 lengths
5912:09W.NOV.4+106(119) Auriol Kensington(120) Southampton University6:042 1/2 lengths
6012:12W.IM2.4+108(111) Twickenham RC(113) Henley RC5:442 lengths
6112:15W.IM2.4+107(102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(104) HSBC RC5:542 1/2 lengths
6212:18W.IM2.4+107(105) Reading RC(107) Thames RC5:382 1/2 lengths
6312:21W.IM2.4+108(108) Worcester University RC(109) University College London5:353 lengths
6412:24Sch.8+109(45) St George's College BC(46) Bedford School4:331/4 length
6512:27Sch.8+110(49) Winchester College BC(50) Dulwich College4:293 lengths
6612:30W.IM3.8+113(57) University of Chester(58) University of Bristol (Jarrold)5:181 3/4 lengths
6713:33W.IM3.8+114(63) Reading RC(66) Nottingham University5:22easily
6813:36W.IM3.8+114(68) Vesta RC (Pywell)(69) University of Bristol (Beer)5:103 lengths
6913:39W.IM3.8+113(60) (62) Southampton University5:15easily
7013:42NOV.8+116(43) Cheltenham College(44) Southampton UniversityNTTRow Over
7113:45W.IM2.8+118(54) Nottingham University(55) City of Oxford RC5:004 lengths
7213:48IM3.8+119(22) Cardiff University RC (Fitzpatrick)(26) Radley College Boat Club4:44a canvas
7313:51IM3.8+119(28) Bryanston School BC(30) Pangbourne College BC4:37easily
7413:54IM3.8+120(32) Nottingham & Union RC(33) Groton School RC4:361 1/2 lengths
7513:57IM3.8+120(35) Southampton University(37) University of Bristol4:361 1/2 lengths
7614:00IM2.8+121(7) Eton College BC(10) St Edward's School4:273 lengths
7714:03IM2.8+122(14) University of the West of England(17) Reading RC4:333 lengths
7814:06IM2.8+122(19) Reading Blue Coat School(21) University College LondonNTT1 1/2 lengths
7914:09IM2.8+121(12) City of Oxford RC(13) Auriol Kensington4:311 1/2 lengths
8014:12W.ELI.1X125(172) University of London(173) Reading RC5:531 length
8114:15W.ELI.1X125(174) Henley RC(175) Reading RC6:022 lengths
8214:18W.ELI.2X127(160) Molesey BC(161) Winnipeg RC, CanNTTRow Over
8314:21W.ELI.2X127(162) Thames RC(164) Reading RC6:30Row Over
8414:24J15.4X+130(150) Dulwich College (Holmes)(152) Dulwich College (Gupta)5:22easily
8514:27J15.4X+130(153) City of Bristol RC(154) Winchester College BC5:042 lengths
8614:30W.SEN.1X131(180) Winnipeg RC, Can(182) Oxford Brookes University5:492 3/4 lengths
8714:33W.SEN.1X131(177) University of Bristol(178) Gm Swans6:07easily
8814:36SEN.1X132(167) Upper Thames RC(168) Pangbourne College BC5:36easily
8914:39SEN.1X132(169) LVS Ascot Boat Club(170) Birmingham RC5:414 1/2 lengths
9014:42W.Sch.4X134(142) Henley RC (Kay)(144) Pangbourne College BC5:232 lengths
9114:45W.Sch.4X134(147) Putney High School RC(149) Henley RC (Lister)5:293/4 length
9214:48W.Sch.4+136(121) Surbiton High School(122) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club5:372 lengths
9314:51W.Sch.4+136(123) Henley RC(124) Cheltenham College5:445 lengths
9414:54ELI.4+137(80) Vesta RC(81) Tideway Scullers School5:064 lengths
9514:57W.SEN.4+140(98) Merrimack Coll, Usa(101) University of London (French)5:264 1/2 lengths
9615:00W.SEN.4+140(96) University of London (Statham)(97) Manchester UniversityNTTRow Over
9715:03W.NOV.8+141(71) Twickenham RC(73) University of Birmingham5:20easily
9815:06W.NOV.8+141(75) Southampton University(77) Thames RC5:213 1/2 lengths
9915:09Sch.4X142(138) Westminster School BC(141) Eton College BC (1)4:542 1/2 lengths
10015:12Sch.4X142(136) Molesey BC(137) Star & Arrow Club4:423 lengths
10115:15NOV.4+143(86) Royal Holloway (UL) (Spinks-Essam)(89) University of Bristol5:282 3/4 lengths
10215:18NOV.4+143(90) Auriol Kensington(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:163/4 length
10315:21IM1.4-144(125) Putney Town RC(127) Maidstone Invicta RC4:555 lengths
10415:24IM1.4-144(128) Sport Imperial BC(129) Vesta RC4:453 lengths
10515:27W.NOV.4+138(116) De Montfort University RC(117) University College London5:444 lengths
10615:30W.NOV.4+138(118) Thames RC(120) Southampton University5:47easily
10715:48W.IM2.4+139(102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(107) Thames RC5:382 lengths
10815:51W.IM2.4+139(108) Worcester University RC(111) Twickenham RC5:432 3/4 lengths
10915:54Sch.8+145(46) Bedford School(47) Monmouth School BC4:301 1/2 lengths
11015:57Sch.8+145(48) Cheltenham College(49) Winchester College BC4:413 lengths
11116:00IM1.4+146(82) Deal Walmer & Kingsdown ARC(83) De Montfort University RC5:093 lengths
11316:06W.IM3.8+147(57) University of Chester(62) Southampton University5:162 1/2 lengths
11416:09W.IM3.8+147(66) Nottingham University(69) University of Bristol (Beer)5:124 lengths
11516:12NOV.8+151(40) The Oratory School(41) Dulwich College4:50easily
11616:15NOV.8+151(42) University of Birmingham(44) Southampton University4:482 1/2 lengths
11716:18W.IM2.8+148(51) City of Bristol RC(52) Curlew RC5:163 1/2 lengths
11816:21W.IM2.8+148(53) Auriol Kensington(54) Nottingham University5:041 length
11916:24IM3.8+150(26) Radley College Boat Club(30) Pangbourne College BC4:503 lengths
12016:27IM3.8+150(33) Groton School RC(35) Southampton University4:341 1/4 lengths
12116:30IM2.8+152(10) St Edward's School(12) City of Oxford RC4:221/2 length
12216:33IM2.8+152(14) University of the West of England(21) University College London4:282/3 length
12316:36IM1.8+153(3) Imperial College(4) Molesey BC4:181/2 length
12416:39IM1.8+153(5) City of Bristol RC(6) University of Bristol4:252/3 length
12516:42W.ELI.1X (173) Reading RC(175) Reading RC5:553 1/2 lengths
12616:45ELI.1X (165) Vesta RC(166) Henley RCNTTRow Over
12716:48W.ELI.2X (161) Winnipeg RC, Can(164) Reading RC5:30easily
12816:51W.ELI.2- (158) University of London(159) Thames RC5:441 1/2 lengths
12916:54ELI.2- (156) City of Oxford RC(157) Oxford University5:163 lengths
13016:57J15.4X+ (150) Dulwich College (Holmes)(153) City of Bristol RC5:103 lengths
13117:00W.SEN.1X (177) University of Bristol(180) Winnipeg RC, Can5:56easily
13217:03SEN.1X (168) Pangbourne College BC(170) Birmingham RC5:28Not Rowed Out
13317:06ELI.4X (133) Magdalen College, Oxford(134) University of Birmingham4:37easily
13417:09W.Sch.4X (142) Henley RC (Kay)(147) Putney High School RC5:35easily
13517:12W.Sch.4- (131) Henley RC(132) Surbiton High SchoolNTT1/2 length
13617:15W.Sch.4+ (121) Surbiton High School(123) Henley RC5:313 1/2 lengths
13717:18ELI.4+ (79) Sport Imperial BC(81) Tideway Scullers School4:513 1/2 lengths
13817:21W.NOV.4+ (116) De Montfort University RC(118) Thames RC5:481 1/4 lengths
13917:24W.IM2.4+ (102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(108) Worcester University RC5:341 1/4 lengths
14017:27W.SEN.4+ (97) Manchester University(101) University of London (French)5:175 lengths
14117:30W.NOV.8+ (73) University of Birmingham(77) Thames RC5:171 length
14217:33Sch.4X (137) Star & Arrow Club(138) Westminster School BC4:453 lengths
14317:36NOV.4+ (89) University of Bristol(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:241 length
14417:39IM1.4- (127) Maidstone Invicta RC(128) Sport Imperial BC4:41easily
14517:42Sch.8+ (47) Monmouth School BC(49) Winchester College BC4:242 3/4 lengths
14617:45IM1.4+ (82) Deal Walmer & Kingsdown ARC(84) Henley RC4:553 1/4 lengths
14717:48W.IM3.8+ (62) Southampton University(69) University of Bristol (Beer)5:111 1/4 lengths
14817:51W.IM2.8+ (51) City of Bristol RC(54) Nottingham University5:082 1/2 lengths
14917:54SEN.8+ (1) Nonesuch BC(2) University of LondonNTTRow Over
15017:57IM3.8+ (30) Pangbourne College BC(33) Groton School RC4:283 1/2 lengths
15118:00NOV.8+ (41) Dulwich College(42) University of Birmingham4:472 1/2 lengths
15218:03IM2.8+ (10) St Edward's School(14) University of the West of England4:291 1/2 lengths
15318:06IM1.8+ (4) Molesey BC(6) University of Bristol4:242 feet