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Reading Amateur Regatta (Sat)

Saturday 11th June 2022

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Results for University College London

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire BerkshireTimeVerdict
17016:33BB.Op.8+203UCL(206) University College London (Kenway)PAN(207) Pangbourne College BC4:351 1/2 lengths
16916:30BC.Op.8+202UCL(212) University College London (Warsop)OUL(213) Oxford University LightweightsNTTeasily
15515:50BB.W.8+194UCL(247) University College London (Cozens)PTR(248) Putney Town RC (In Der Rieden)5:04easily
19417:53BB.W.8+ WHS(245) Wimbledon High SchoolUCL(247) University College London (Cozens)5:072 1/2 lengths
15115:38BD.W.8+ RDG(253) Reading RCUCL(254) University College London (Griffin)5:37easily
5611:25BB.Op.4+88ABS(5) Abingdon School (Forrest)UCL(7) University College London5:21easily
4410:51BB.W.4+81UCL(35) University College London (Mozumdar)VRC(36) Vesta RC (Genillard)6:12easily
4510:54BB.W.4+81MAR(37) Marlow RC (Franek)UCL(38) University College London (Janin)6:02easily
11213:57BB.W.4X139BOU(281) Bournemouth UniversityUCL(282) University College London5:442/3 length
13915:01BB.W.4X186OLW/RDG(283) Oxford LWBC/ReadingUCL(282) University College London5:363 1/2 lengths
12314:19BC.Op.1X178UBR(320) University of BristolUCL(321) University College London9:59Row Over
17817:11BC.Op.1X HPY(323) Hartpury University (Dawson)UCL(321) University College London5:33easily

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