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Reading Amateur Regatta (Sat)

Saturday 11th June 2022

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
108:50BA.W.2X34(106) Sir William Perkins School(107) Kingston Grammar School5:351 1/2 lengths
208:52BA.W.2X31(110) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(111) Reading RC5:383 lengths
308:55BB.W.J14.4X+27(85) Wimbledon High School (Kipps)(86) Pangbourne College BC (Keane)6:444 lengths
509:01BB.Op.4-37(64) East India Club Rowing Section (O.chida)(65) Staines BC5:171 length
609:04BA.Op.4-39(58) Thames RC(59) Taurus BC5:08Not Rowed Out
809:07W.J16.4+42(45) Sir William Perkins School (Basra)(47) Pangbourne College BC5:563 1/2 lengths
1109:19BA.W.4+47(32) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(33) Reading RC (Chenje)6:00easily
1309:22BC.W.2X61(116) Twickenham RC (Lewis/Owen)(117) Reading RC (Walker/Hatlee)6:191 length
1509:24BB.W.2X62(112) University of Bristol(113) Henley RCNTTRow Over
1609:27BB.W.2X62(114) Oxford LWBC/Reading(115) Hartpury University6:11easily
1909:36W.2-66(98) Reading RC(99) Hereford RC5:541 1/2 lengths
2009:39BA.W.J15.4+58(48) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(49) Sir William Perkins School (Soliman)5:562 1/2 lengths
2109:42BA.W.J15.4+58(50) Henley RC(51) Sir William Perkins School (Thomas)6:012 1/2 lengths
2309:45BB.Op.2-67(95) Kingston Grammar School(96) Abingdon RC5:52easily
2409:48BC.W.J14.4X+69(87) Wimbledon High School (Topple)(88) Sir William Perkins School (Baker)NTT1 length
2609:51BB.W.J14.4X+70(82) Sir William Perkins School (Chinn)(83) Pangbourne College BC (Keeble)6:20easily
2709:54BB.W.J14.4X+70(79) Wimbledon High School (Farrell)(85) Wimbledon High School (Kipps)6:22easily
2809:57BA.W.J14.4X+71(78) Wimbledon High School (Reiniger)(84) Sir William Perkins School (Stockham)6:264 lengths
2910:00BA.W.J14.4X+71(80) Pangbourne College BC (Madrin)(81) Wimbledon High School (Fisher)5:561/3 length
1010:01BA.W.4+46(28) Reading RC (Miles)(29) Vesta RC (Whitby)5:534 lengths
3010:03BC.W.4-72(76) Maidstone Invicta RC(77) Maidenhead RC5:39easily
3110:06BA.W.2X63(109) Twickenham/Imperial(111) Reading RC5:342 1/2 lengths
3210:08BB.W.4-73(71) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC(72) University of Bristol5:403 1/2 lengths
3310:11BB.W.4-73(73) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(74) Vesta RC (Norman)5:52easily
3410:14BA.W.2X63(106) Sir William Perkins School(108) Twickenham RC (Lindo/Blackett)5:312 lengths
410:17BB.Op.4-36(60) Hereford RC(61) Henley RCNTTRow Over
3510:21Op.Sch/Jun.4-75(67) Eton College BC (Watson)(68) Radley College Boat Club4:582 lengths
20810:24BB.Op.4+57(11) Wallingford RC(12) Vesta RC5:42easily
3710:30BB.Op.4-76(63) Oxford University Lightweights(64) East India Club Rowing Section (O.chida)5:081 1/2 lengths
3810:33BA.Op.4-77(55) Nonesuch BC(56) Marlow RC (Gray)4:55a canvas
3910:36BA.Op.4-77(57) Marlow RC (Evans)(59) Taurus BC4:352 lengths
4010:39BB.W.J15.4+78(53) Wallingford RC(54) Sir William Perkins School (Johnston)6:05easily
4110:42W.J16.4+79(42) Sir William Perkins School (Fletcher)(43) Wallingford RC6:055 lengths
4210:45W.J16.4+79(44) Wimbledon High School(45) Sir William Perkins School (Basra)5:39easily
4310:48W.Sch/Jun.4+80(40) Sir William Perkins School(41) Kingston Grammar School5:421/2 length
4410:51BB.W.4+81(35) University College London (Mozumdar)(36) Vesta RC (Genillard)6:12easily
4510:54BB.W.4+81(37) Marlow RC (Franek)(38) University College London (Janin)6:02easily
4610:57BA.W.4+82(29) Vesta RC (Whitby)(30) University of Bristol5:371/2 length
3611:00BB.Op.4-76(60) Hereford RC(62) East India Club Rowing Section (Clements)4:564 lengths
4711:04BA.W.4+82(31) Marlow RC (Dudley)(33) Reading RC (Chenje)5:491 1/2 lengths
4811:07BB.J15.4+83(24) Pangbourne College BC (Maleham)(25) Latymer Upper School5:49easily
4911:10BB.J15.4+83(26) Shiplake College(27) Pangbourne College BC (Carter)5:341 1/2 lengths
5011:13BA.J15.4+84(20) Radley College Boat Club (Hall)(21) Eton College BC (Bell)5:171 1/2 lengths
5111:16BA.J15.4+84(22) Eton College BC (O'Sullivan)(23) Radley College Boat Club (Hunter)5:172 1/2 lengths
5211:19J16.4+85(16) Pangbourne College BC(17) Eton College BC5:161 1/4 lengths
5311:22J16.4+85(18) Royal Shrewsbury School(19) Radley College Boat ClubNTT1 1/4 lengths
5611:25BB.Op.4+88(5) Abingdon School (Forrest)(7) University College London5:21easily
5711:28BB.Op.4+88(9) Abingdon School (Willis)(11) Wallingford RC5:303 1/2 lengths
5811:31BA.W.J15.4+ (48) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(50) Henley RC5:521 length
5911:34BA.Op.4+89(1) Thames RC(2) Reading RC4:591 1/2 lengths
6011:37BA.Op.4+89(3) University of Bristol(4) Henley RC4:40easily
6111:40BC.W.2X (118) Maidstone Invicta RC(117) Reading RC (Walker/Hatlee)6:131 1/4 lengths
6211:42BB.W.2X (113) Henley RC(114) Oxford LWBC/Reading5:49easily
6311:45BA.W.2X (106) Sir William Perkins School(111) Reading RC5:301/2 length
6411:47BB.Op.2X (102) Groton School RC, USA(104) Reading RC5:37easily
6511:50BA.Op.2X (101) Twickenham RC(100) Latymer/LondonNTTDNS
6611:52W.2- (97) Maidstone Invicta RC(99) Hereford RC5:533 lengths
6711:55BB.Op.2- (94) Bournemouth University(95) Kingston Grammar School5:352 lengths
6811:58BA.Op.2- (91) Eton College BC(92) Reading RC5:234 lengths
6912:01BC.W.J14.4X+ (89) Sir William Perkins School (Coleman)(87) Wimbledon High School (Topple)6:33easily
7012:04BB.W.J14.4X+ (82) Sir William Perkins School (Chinn)(79) Wimbledon High School (Farrell)6:063/4 length
7112:07BA.W.J14.4X+ (78) Wimbledon High School (Reiniger)(80) Pangbourne College BC (Madrin)5:593 1/2 lengths
7212:10BC.W.4- (75) Wallingford RC(76) Maidstone Invicta RC5:352 1/2 lengths
7312:13BB.W.4- (71) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC(73) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC5:34easily
7412:16BA.W.4- (69) Marlow RC(70) Vesta RC (Kelly)5:11easily
8412:19BA.J15.4+ (21) Eton College BC (Bell)(23) Radley College Boat Club (Hunter)5:132 lengths
7512:22Op.Sch/Jun.4- (66) Eton College BC (Montagu)(68) Radley College Boat Club4:551 1/2 lengths
7612:25BB.Op.4- (60) Hereford RC(63) Oxford University Lightweights4:553 1/2 lengths
7712:28BA.Op.4- (55) Nonesuch BC(57) Marlow RC (Evans)4:42easily
7812:31BB.W.J15.4+ (52) Latymer Upper School(53) Wallingford RC6:115 lengths
7912:34W.J16.4+ (43) Wallingford RC(44) Wimbledon High School5:443/4 length
8012:37W.Sch/Jun.4+ (39) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(41) Kingston Grammar School5:353 lengths
8112:40BB.W.4+ (36) Vesta RC (Genillard)(37) Marlow RC (Franek)6:052 lengths
8212:43BA.W.4+ (30) University of Bristol(33) Reading RC (Chenje)5:42easily
8312:46BB.J15.4+ (24) Pangbourne College BC (Maleham)(26) Shiplake College5:413/4 length
8512:49J16.4+ (16) Pangbourne College BC(18) Royal Shrewsbury School5:161 1/2 lengths
8612:52Op.Sch/Jun.4+ (13) Eton College BC(14) Radley College Boat Club5:08a canvas
8812:55BB.Op.4+ (5) Abingdon School (Forrest)(9) Abingdon School (Willis)5:24easily
8912:58BA.Op.4+ (2) Reading RC(3) University of Bristol4:46easily
11613:35W.Sch/Jun.8+150(260) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club(261) Pangbourne College BC5:19easily
10213:38BB.W.1X176(334) Henley RC(335) Hartpury University (De Winnaar)6:132 lengths
10313:40BA.W.1X130(324) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(325) Oxford Academicals RC6:131 1/2 lengths
10513:43BA.W.1X131(328) Reading RC(329) Twickenham RC (Obukohwo)9:59Row Over
10613:45BA.W.1X131(330) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC(331) Twickenham RC (Lindo)6:023 lengths
10813:48J14.4X+134(296) Pangbourne College BC(297) Radley College Boat Club (Wilson)5:363 lengths
10913:51J14.4X+135(300) Windsor Boys School (Dumych)(301) Radley College Boat Club (Hughes)5:382 1/2 lengths
11013:54W.Sch/Jun.4X137(287) Shiplake College(288) Sir William Perkins School5:303/4 length
11213:57BB.W.4X139(281) Bournemouth University(282) University College London5:442/3 length
11414:04Op.Sch/Jun.4X144(273) Kingston Grammar School(274) Latymer Upper School4:573 lengths
11514:07W.Sch/Jun.8+149(256) Latymer Upper School (Kirkwood)(257) Sir William Perkins School5:07easily
11714:10BA.W.8+156(239) WPI Crew (Bazakas-Chamberlain)(240) Putney Town RC (Crowe)4:59easily
11814:13BA.W.8+157(243) Clark University, USA (Brown)(244) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC5:041 1/4 lengths
12314:19BC.Op.1X178(320) University of Bristol(321) University College London9:59Row Over
12514:21BB.Op.1X179(316) Hartpury University (Brooke)(317) Wallingford RC5:48easily
21214:24BB.J15.8+213(237) Shiplake College (Poundall)(238) Pangbourne College BC5:08easily
12814:27W.J15.2X181(308) Pangbourne College BC(309) Sir William Perkins School (Srivastava)5:59Row Over
12914:29W.J15.2X181(310) Sir William Perkins School (Bell)(312) Henley RC5:59easily
13014:32BA.W.1X177(325) Oxford Academicals RC(326) Twickenham RC (Blackett)6:031 length
13114:34BA.W.1X177(328) Reading RC(331) Twickenham RC (Lindo)5:483 lengths
13214:37J15.2X182(304) Wallingford RC (Peters)(305) Windsor Boys School (Stanford)5:432 lengths
13314:39J15.2X182(306) Windsor Boys School (Finnis)(307) Wallingford RC (Mould)5:43easily
13414:42J14.4X+183(297) Radley College Boat Club (Wilson)(298) Windsor Boys School (Thornton)5:312 1/2 lengths
13514:49J14.4X+183(299) Windsor Boys School (Curtis)(300) Windsor Boys School (Dumych)5:29easily
13614:52J15.4X+184(294) Wallingford RC(295) Windsor Boys School (Urquhart Irvine)5:041/3 length
13714:55W.Sch/Jun.4X185(289) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club(288) Sir William Perkins School5:08easily
13814:58W.Sch/Jun.4X185(290) Kingston Grammar School(292) Agnes Irwin School, USA5:213 lengths
11915:00J16.8+164(226) Abingdon School(227) Shiplake College4:534 lengths
13915:01BB.W.4X186(283) Oxford LWBC/Reading(282) University College London5:363 1/2 lengths
14015:04BB.W.4X186(284) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(286) University of Bristol5:47easily
14215:07BA.W.4X187(279) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club(280) Reading University (Atkinson)5:04a canvas
14315:10Op.Sch/Jun.4X188(270) Shiplake College(271) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club4:402/3 length
14415:13Op.Sch/Jun.4X188(272) Windsor Boys School(273) Kingston Grammar SchoolNTTRow Over
14515:16Op.4X189(266) Reading University(267) Oxford University Lightweights4:403 1/2 lengths
14615:19Op.4X189(268) Royal Air Force RC(269) Hartpury University5:104 lengths
14715:22W.J15.8+190(262) Latymer Upper School (Ballarati)(263) Sir William Perkins School5:334 lengths
14815:25W.J15.8+190(264) St Edward's School(265) Latymer Upper School (Byun)5:33easily
14915:28W.Sch/Jun.8+191(256) Latymer Upper School (Kirkwood)(258) St Edward's School5:001 length
15015:35W.Sch/Jun.8+191(259) Latymer Upper School (Mirrazavi)(260) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club5:182 1/2 lengths
15115:38BD.W.8+ (253) Reading RC(254) University College London (Griffin)5:37easily
15215:41BC.W.8+193(249) Clark University, USA (Franks)(250) Oxford LWBC/Reading5:221/2 length
15315:44BC.W.8+193(251) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(252) WPI Crew (Smith)NTT2 1/2 lengths
15415:47BB.W.8+194(245) Wimbledon High School(246) University of Bristol5:03easily
15515:50BB.W.8+194(247) University College London (Cozens)(248) Putney Town RC (In Der Rieden)5:04easily
15615:53BA.W.8+195(239) WPI Crew (Bazakas-Chamberlain)(241) Vesta RC (Dunlop)5:003 lengths
15715:56BA.W.8+195(242) Vesta RC (Vine)(243) Clark University, USA (Brown)4:524 1/2 lengths
21315:59BB.J15.8+197(234) Latymer Upper School (Kirsten)(237) Shiplake College (Poundall)5:193 lengths
16016:02BB.J15.8+197(236) Shiplake College (Scanlon)(232) Eton College BC (Taylor-Johnson)NTT5 lengths
16116:05BA.J15.8+198(228) Radley College Boat Club(229) Latymer Upper School (Ede-Bray)4:532 1/2 lengths
16216:08BA.J15.8+198(230) St Edward's School(233) Eton College BC (Bell)4:461 1/4 lengths
16316:11J16.8+199(223) Radley College Boat Club(224) Pangbourne College BC4:425 lengths
16416:14J16.8+199(225) Eton College BC(226) Abingdon School4:452 1/2 lengths
16616:21BA.Sch.8+201(215) Groton School RC, USA(217) Shiplake College4:221/2 length
16716:24BA.Sch.8+201(218) Latymer Upper School (Wild)(219) Eton College BC4:25easily
16816:27BC.Op.8+202(210) Monmouth School BC(211) Vesta RC4:41easily
16916:30BC.Op.8+202(212) University College London (Warsop)(213) Oxford University LightweightsNTTeasily
17016:33BB.Op.8+203(206) University College London (Kenway)(207) Pangbourne College BC4:351 1/2 lengths
17116:36BB.Op.8+203(208) East India Club Rowing Section(209) Twickenham RCNTT1 length
17216:39BA.Op.8+204(201) Nonesuch BC(202) Thames RC4:303/4 length
17316:42BA.Op.8+204(204) University of Bristol(205) Shiplake College4:212 lengths
17416:45W.J15.4X+ (302) Henley RC(303) Sir William Perkins School5:191 1/2 lengths
17516:48J16.4X (275) Royal Shrewsbury School(276) Windsor Boys School5:082 lengths
17617:01BB.W.1X (332) Hartpury University (Walker)(335) Hartpury University (De Winnaar)6:125 lengths
17717:08BA.W.1X (326) Twickenham RC (Blackett)(328) Reading RC5:562 1/2 lengths
17817:11BC.Op.1X (323) Hartpury University (Dawson)(321) University College London5:33easily
17917:13BB.Op.1X (318) Bournemouth University(317) Wallingford RC5:505 lengths
18017:16BA.Op.1X (314) Twickenham RC(315) Reading University5:28easily
18117:18W.J15.2X (309) Sir William Perkins School (Srivastava)(312) Henley RC6:09easily
18217:21J15.2X (305) Windsor Boys School (Stanford)(306) Windsor Boys School (Finnis)NTT1 length
18317:23J14.4X+ (297) Radley College Boat Club (Wilson)(299) Windsor Boys School (Curtis)5:263 feet
18417:26J15.4X+ (293) Windsor Boys School (Richards)(295) Windsor Boys School (Urquhart Irvine)5:091 1/2 lengths
18517:29W.Sch/Jun.4X (290) Kingston Grammar School(289) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club5:051 1/2 lengths
18617:32BB.W.4X (284) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(283) Oxford LWBC/ReadingNTT1/2 length
18717:35BA.W.4X (278) Reading University (Turner)(280) Reading University (Atkinson)5:22easily
18817:38Op.Sch/Jun.4X (270) Shiplake College(273) Kingston Grammar School4:503 lengths
18917:41Op.4X (266) Reading University(269) Hartpury University4:363/4 length
19017:44W.J15.8+ (263) Sir William Perkins School(265) Latymer Upper School (Byun)5:301 length
19117:47W.Sch/Jun.8+ (258) St Edward's School(260) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club4:58easily
19317:50BC.W.8+ (250) Oxford LWBC/Reading(252) WPI Crew (Smith)5:173/4 length
19417:53BB.W.8+ (245) Wimbledon High School(247) University College London (Cozens)5:072 1/2 lengths
19517:56BA.W.8+ (239) WPI Crew (Bazakas-Chamberlain)(242) Vesta RC (Vine)4:561 length
19717:59BB.J15.8+ (232) Eton College BC (Taylor-Johnson)(237) Shiplake College (Poundall)4:57easily
19818:02BA.J15.8+ (228) Radley College Boat Club(230) St Edward's School4:451 1/4 lengths
19918:05J16.8+ (223) Radley College Boat Club(225) Eton College BC4:35easily
20018:08BB.Sch.8+ (220) Latymer Upper School (Matteuzzi)(222) Bryanston School BC4:393/4 length
20118:11BA.Sch.8+ (215) Groton School RC, USA(218) Latymer Upper School (Wild)4:251 3/4 lengths
20218:14BC.Op.8+ (210) Monmouth School BC(213) Oxford University Lightweights4:383/4 length
20318:17BB.Op.8+ (207) Pangbourne College BC(208) East India Club Rowing Section4:293 lengths
20418:20BA.Op.8+ (201) Nonesuch BC(205) Shiplake College4:10easily

Crewnames in BOLD indicate the Winner!

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