Reading Amateur Regatta

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Reading Amateur Regatta (Sat)

Saturday 11th June 2022

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Results for Reading RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
15115:38BD.W.8+ (253) Reading RC(254) University College London (Griffin)5:37easily
5911:34BA.Op.4+89(1) Thames RC(2) Reading RC4:591 1/2 lengths
8912:58BA.Op.4+ (2) Reading RC(3) University of Bristol4:46easily
1010:01BA.W.4+46(28) Reading RC (Miles)(29) Vesta RC (Whitby)5:534 lengths
1109:19BA.W.4+47(32) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(33) Reading RC (Chenje)6:00easily
4711:04BA.W.4+82(31) Marlow RC (Dudley)(33) Reading RC (Chenje)5:491 1/2 lengths
8212:43BA.W.4+ (30) University of Bristol(33) Reading RC (Chenje)5:42easily
6811:58BA.Op.2- (91) Eton College BC(92) Reading RC5:234 lengths
1909:36W.2-66(98) Reading RC(99) Hereford RC5:541 1/2 lengths
6411:47BB.Op.2X (102) Groton School RC, USA(104) Reading RC5:37easily
208:52BA.W.2X31(110) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(111) Reading RC5:383 lengths
3110:06BA.W.2X63(109) Twickenham/Imperial(111) Reading RC5:342 1/2 lengths
6311:45BA.W.2X (106) Sir William Perkins School(111) Reading RC5:301/2 length
1309:22BC.W.2X61(116) Twickenham RC (Lewis/Owen)(117) Reading RC (Walker/Hatlee)6:191 length
6111:40BC.W.2X (118) Maidstone Invicta RC(117) Reading RC (Walker/Hatlee)6:131 1/4 lengths
10513:43BA.W.1X131(328) Reading RC(329) Twickenham RC (Obukohwo)9:59Row Over
13114:34BA.W.1X177(328) Reading RC(331) Twickenham RC (Lindo)5:483 lengths
17717:08BA.W.1X (326) Twickenham RC (Blackett)(328) Reading RC5:562 1/2 lengths

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