Reading Amateur Regatta

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Reading Amateur Regatta (Sat)

Saturday 11th June 2022

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Results for Shiplake College

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshireTimeVerdict
17316:42BA.Op.8+204(204) University of Bristol(205) Shiplake College4:212 lengths
20418:20BA.Op.8+ (201) Nonesuch BC(205) Shiplake College4:10easily
16616:21BA.Sch.8+201(215) Groton School RC, USA(217) Shiplake College4:221/2 length
11915:00J16.8+164(226) Abingdon School(227) Shiplake College4:534 lengths
21214:24BB.J15.8+213(237) Shiplake College (Poundall)(238) Pangbourne College BC5:08easily
16016:02BB.J15.8+197(236) Shiplake College (Scanlon)(232) Eton College BC (Taylor-Johnson)NTT5 lengths
21315:59BB.J15.8+197(234) Latymer Upper School (Kirsten)(237) Shiplake College (Poundall)5:193 lengths
19717:59BB.J15.8+ (232) Eton College BC (Taylor-Johnson)(237) Shiplake College (Poundall)4:57easily
4911:10BB.J15.4+83(26) Shiplake College(27) Pangbourne College BC (Carter)5:341 1/2 lengths
8312:46BB.J15.4+ (24) Pangbourne College BC (Maleham)(26) Shiplake College5:413/4 length
14315:10Op.Sch/Jun.4X188(270) Shiplake College(271) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club4:402/3 length
18817:38Op.Sch/Jun.4X (270) Shiplake College(273) Kingston Grammar School4:503 lengths
11013:54W.Sch/Jun.4X137(287) Shiplake College(288) Sir William Perkins School5:303/4 length

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