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Reading Sprint Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 12th June 2022

Draw for Reading RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshire
5711:311BA.Op.8+86(1) University College London (Kenway)(2) Reading RC (Tinker)2:55 
8612:511BA.Op.8+ (2) Reading RC (Tinker)(3) Groton School RC, USA (El Hadj)2:49 
5511:253Mas.CD.8+84(9) Reading RC (Ekbatani =D)(10) Twickenham RC (Easton =D)3:18 
5411:224BA.W.8+83(13) WPI Crew (Bazakas-Chamberlain)(14) Reading RC (Chenje)3:20 
16916:4530BA.Op.4+210(203) Wallingford RC (Lang)(204) Reading RC (Leckey)3:25 
21018:3030BA.Op.4+ (204) Reading RC (Leckey)(206) Imperial College (Tatham)  
17317:2932Mas.GH.4+ (210) Reading RC (Brind =H)(211) Putney Town RC (Wills =G)4:03 
11814:1235W.4+164(224) Reading RC (Lewis)(225) Imperial College (Parry)3:49 
16116:2138BB.Op.4-204(232) Staines BC (Barry)(233) Reading RC (Bishop)3:14 
20418:1538BB.Op.4- (231) Imperial College (Ritchie)(233) Reading RC (Bishop)3:12 
16016:1440Mas.DE.4X203(238) Reading RC (Coneybeare =E)(239) Upper Thames RC (Floyd =D)3:22 
1609:277J15.4X+49(25) Wallingford RC (Edmonds)(26) Reading RC (Atkinson)3:30 
3610:2612Op.2-75(49) Reading RC (Charij/Bouldjedri)(50) Itchen Imperial (Aitchison/Cracknell)3:25 
7312:1314BB.Op.2X (55) Reading RC (Ocana/Darji)(56) Reading RC (Laloyaux/Miller)3:42 
3010:0715Mas.DEF.2X72(58) Reading RC (Webb/Kemsley =D)(59) Putney Town RC (Fryer/Oswell =E)4:01 
7212:1115Mas.DEF.2X (57) Putney Town RC (Desmond/Steele =F)(58) Reading RC (Webb/Kemsley =D)3:52 
909:0716Op.Sch/Jun.2X34(63) Reading RC (Haley/Healy)(64) The Langley Academy (Rahman/Avello)3:51 
2910:0416Op.Sch/Jun.2X71(60) Groton School RC, USA (Armaly/Trowbridge)(61) Reading RC (Snoxall/Snoxall)3:20 
3410:2116Op.Sch/Jun.2X71(62) Wallingford RC (Holburn/Sleep)(63) Reading RC (Haley/Healy)3:37 
7112:0816Op.Sch/Jun.2X (61) Reading RC (Snoxall/Snoxall)(62) Wallingford RC (Holburn/Sleep)3:18 
2709:5718BB.J15.2X69(73) Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Wood/Towers)(74) Reading RC (Peacock/King)3:39 
6912:0318BB.J15.2X (71) Henley RC (Mahey/Gibbons)(74) Reading RC (Peacock/King)  
2509:5219J14.2X68(75) Wallingford RC (Ireland/Clark)(76) Reading RC (Zhang/Maimba)3:50 
2409:0020BA.W.2X28(85) University College London (Watharow/Ragoussis)(86) Reading RC (York/Charij)3:57 
2810:0220BA.W.2X67(86) Reading RC (York/Charij)(82) Twickenham/Imperial (Wormleighton/Keane)3:39 
2209:4722W.Mas.BC.2X65(89) Reading RC (Pattemore/Boucher =C)(90) Putney Town RC (Lozano Licona/Bickerstaffe =C)  
6311:5124W.Sch/Jun.2X (94) Agnes Irwin School, USA (Saulnier/Lingle)(95) Reading RC (Bates/Buss)3:33 
15315:5447BB.Op.1X199(260) University College London (Slaughter)(261) Reading RC (Morgan)3:46 
19818:0248Mas.DE.1X (262) Reading RC (Hopkins =D)(264) Hollingworth Lake RC (Diver =E)4:23 
15115:4849BA.Sch.1X197(266) Reading RC (Pridmore)(267) Wallingford RC (Holburn)3:41 
19717:5949BA.Sch.1X (265) Imperial College (Millar)(266) Reading RC (Pridmore)3:32 
14315:2356BB.J14.1X190(291) Wallingford RC (Clark)(292) Reading RC (Webb)4:09 
14115:1858BB.W.1X188(300) Reading RC (Kelly)(301) University of Birmingham (Meredith)4:07 
14815:4059B3.W.1X187(305) Reading RC (Kitto)(306) BTC Southampton (Green)4:02 
17817:0960W.Mas.B.1X (310) Putney Town RC (Culley)(311) Reading RC (Boucher)4:16 
17917:1161W.Mas.DE.1X (312) Reading RC (Shimron =E)(313) Putney Town RC (Pontes de Freitas =D)  
12414:2862W.J16.1X186(314) Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Anderson)(315) Reading RC (Hale)4:07 
12514:3162W.J16.1X186(316) Hartpury University (Sheppard)(317) Reading RC (Smith)  
12014:1565BC.W.J15.1X183(328) Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Sokhal)(329) Reading RC (Ramsden)4:29 
18317:2165BC.W.J15.1X (329) Reading RC (Ramsden)(331) Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Yaneva)4:30 
12614:3468BC.W.J14.1X180(346) Wallingford RC (McNulty)(347) Reading RC (Butler)4:42 
18017:1468BC.W.J14.1X (347) Reading RC (Butler)(348) Hartpury University (Costagliola)4:18 

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